Chats Lake Community Boat Club – Annual General Meeting

Saturday October 22, 2016, 1:00 pm

Held at CLCBC Club House, Arnprior - Members present: 31



1. Welcome by Commodore Pat Hallett.

Following the lunch, Pat thanked the catering committee for the fine spread and welcomed the attendees.

2. Minutes of last AGM, 24 October 2015, were distributed. Peter NewsomÕs name was noted as being incorrectly spelled.

Motion for acceptance as corrected: Proposed by Mark Robson, seconded by Ray Wardle.


3. TreasurerÕs Year-end Report for 2015/16

Nick Shepherd provided members with a Report and Financial Statement. There were no major expenditureÕs on docks or grounds this year. Major expenses were, as in previous years, for liability, property and directorÕs insurance and for taxes for the Town of Arnprior.


The Town of Arnprior and its relationship with the Club was discussed. It was mentioned that the Town has posted an on-line survey, and that there is a public information session currently happening. Pat Hallett will look further into this to see if the Club can participate.


The following is the Conclusion from the Year-end Report. The full report is available on request:

ŌNet operating loss over the FY up to September 30 was $876.42 and the cash balance carried forward is $7996.02. The club has generally targeted an amount of no less than $5,000 end of year balance to cover expenses and contingencies prior to receiving the following yearÕs membership income. Ō



Motion:  to accept the TreasurerÕs report: Proposed by Pat Grenier, seconded by Rob Sangster.             Carried




4. Report of Vice Commodore Docks on 2015/16 season.

Brian Boese reported that the haul in and out went well in both Spring and Fall. Thanks to Ray Wardle for arranging the crane. The docks are generally in good repair and anchors are OK. The floating docks stayed in proper position this season. We may need some replacement chains. The locking mechanism on the launch ramp chain needs to be changed. This is a priority as it has been left unlocked on several occasions. More gravel is needed to shore up part of the launch ramp.

A question was raised about family membership. It has been observed that numerous adults not recognized by our members, and with different boats, use the clubÕs facilites . When approached, the individuals say they are part of a memberÕs family. Discussion followed and it was agreed that when an adult child is using a boat other than the one registered with the Club, they should become members themselves.

Motion: to accept the V.C. Docks report: Proposed by Peter Newsom, seconded by Bill Mulvihill.             Carried


5. Report of Vice Commodore Grounds on 2015/16 season.            

Rob Newell reported that there were no major maintenance issues. We may need to replace some of the old furniture in the clubhouse. The catering committee requested a small kitchen table for the preparation of food. Some of the indoor lights need to be replaced. It was pointed out that some of the lights at the front of the property could be dimmed.


Rob Sangster suggested we have a budget for materials for grounds and a long term maintenance plan. Nick Shepherd reminded us that the present one year lease renewal constraint makes it inadvisable to finance major longer term improvements and updates. Keeping the property well maintained will help the Town recognize its value and may help us to negotiate a longer term lease.


The door lock is temperamental. Pressing the buttons slowly helps.


Winterization of the clubhouse will begin within the next couple of weeks.


Motion: to accept the V.C. GroundsÕ Report: Proposed by Tyler Sangster, seconded by Lisa Falls.          Carried


6. Report of Vice Commodore Sail on 2015/16 season

Peter Newsom reported that it was a good year for sailing. There were 3 organized races with 7 or 8 boats participating. The Sunday afternoon informal sailing continued with some participation including 2 new members. The races this year were divided into 2 categories: Bluenose and other. In the Bluenose class Peter won 2 of the 3 races. In the other class Mark Robson came first, winning 2 of the 3, Nick Shepherd came in second, Craig McAllister third and Tyler Sangster fourth. Trophies were presented to the winners of each class. We need to replace some of the racing buoys.Though he feels the position of V.C. Sail is unnecessary, Peter will continue to arrange races for next year. He encouraged new sailors to learn from more experienced members who will happily share tips and expertise.

Pat Hallett thanked Peter for his valuable efforts and for maintaining the ClubÕs website.

Motion: to accept the V.C. SailÕs report: Proposed by Gary Brake, seconded by Craig McAllister



7. Matters arising from last AGM, or General Meeting of May 7, 2016. - None



8. New Business


Election of Executive for the next term, October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2018

The following nominees were put forward by the nominating committee:

Commodore - Mark Robson

VC Grounds - Rob Newell

VC Docks - Kevin Richardson

Treasurer - John Wardle

Secretary - Craig McAllister

There being no further nominations, the nominees were unanimously declared elected.  Pat Hallett will remain on the executive as Rear Commodore.


9. The Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.





Respectfully submitted,

Angie Shepherd

Secretary, Chats Lake Community Boat Club