Membership Fees 2017

Annual Membership/Renewal


Mooring Fee, Finger Docks


Mooring Fee, Floating Docks

$264.00 up to 17.5 ft. loa + $15.00 per ft. over 17.5 ft.

Summer Dry Docking (up to 20' loa)

$84.00 see note 3

Summer Dry Docking (over 20' loa)

$144.00 see note 3

Onsite Winter Storage (up to 20' loa)


Onsite Winter Storage (over 20' loa)


Onsite Summer Trailer Storage

$84.00 see note 4

Surcharge for exceptional electricity usage

$50.00 see note 5


1) The Membership Fee allows full use of the clubhouse facilities, launch ramp and the member's vehicle parking (with attached trailer if applicable).

2) Mooring Fees do not include charges for crane launch and haul-out. Boat owners are responsible for making their own arrangements for this service, if required.

3) Summer Dry docking is strictly for boats that are launched and retrieved using the club's ramp during the boating season and kept at the club on a trailer or launching dolly when not in use. It is NOT intended as a storage fee for unused boats, and space limitations preclude the club from offering this facility (refer to the Docking Policy).

4) The fee for summer storage of boat trailers (and temporary shelters) applies to owners of boats on wet moorings who elect to keep their trailers at the club during the sailing season. Club space is limited and unused trailers take up space that could be used by an active trailer or dolly launched boat during the sailing season.

5) Additional charge for use of shore power if used for prolonged periods for air conditioners, refrigerators etc.

6) Renewal fees are due by March 31, including winter storage fees for the following winter season. New membership applications will be processed as received during the season.

7) If docking renewal fees are not paid in full by March 31 it is assumed that club services are no longer required and docking space(s) will be reallocated at the discretion of the club.